Sunday, 28 November 2010

Work, Work, Work it out!

Welp, I've decided it's time to get serious about working out. I'm in this awkward in-between stage where my maternity pants stopped fitting a week or two after giving birth, but all of my pre-preggo jeans (save for one pair) now give me horrendous muffin top (it's truly a scary sight). I feel like ounces are slowing creeping off (and yes, I mean ounces not pounds - its that slow!!), but I'm still softer than I used to be. I refuse to buy new pants for financial reasons and for plain stubbornness - if I buy pants in the next size up, that basically says I plan to stay this size. No way - I'm not giving up without a fight!

I've run a few times, which is my favorite exercise. However, it is getting frickin' freezin' over here now! While I do have tons of sweet cold weather running gear (thanks to my wonderful husband and his former job at Nike!), it's hard to go for a run with an infant and a husband who works crazy hours. It's usually dark by the time he gets home, and dark + cold + evening = time to get cozy, not run. In my book, anyway. I may look into a jogging stroller once Little Guy has better neck control and it warms up a bit (say, around May).

Until then, my best option is workout DVDs. My wonderful parents gave me P90X and I finally dug it out yesterday. I'm going to do the lean workout. I started with CardioX yesterday and did pretty well. Little Guy sat in his chair and watched Mama jump around like a fool...I think he was pretty amused until he dirtied his diaper. Once that was take care of, he let me finish the workout. I feel pretty good today...not too on to Core Synergistics!!

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