Wednesday, 17 November 2010

First vaccinations

Colt had his 2 month well baby visit today...and boy is he well! My big strapping guy is 25.25 inches long and weighs in at 13lb, 15oz. He's in the 95th percentiles for both length and weight. The visit went well - no problems for him. I got scolded (basically) for not following up with EDIS about getting his left ear checked (it didn't pass at birth, though the nurses said their equipment is old and this happens often). I kept waiting for the call and eventually forgot about it - he seems to hear just fine. Well, apparently they like to have all babies checked before 1 month and now he's missed that mark. I feel bad enough that I haven't followed up on this - I don't need the guilt trip from someone who I suspect does not have any children of her own. Maybe I'm wrong for blaming my forgetfulness on the fact that I've been learning how to parent an infant for the past 2 months, but it hasn't exactly been easy! I don't think I really like that pediatrician - she's a good doctor and she's great with him, but she's not as good with the parents, in my opinion. Hopefully we'll get someone else for his 4-month visit!

Then after that, he had his first set of vaccinations. I'm a firm believer in and supporter of vaccinations, so I'm happy that he got them. But hearing his screams when the needles went in nearly killed me. This was the first time I've seen tears come out of his eyes. Usually when he cries, his eyes get really bright and wet looking, but I'd yet to see any tears fall. Today, there were some damp spots under his eyes. Heartbreaking. He also does this thing where he holds his breath until his face turns different shades of red and then lets out a huge scream - it terrified me the first time he did it. Now it still scares me, but I can handle it (except today). I didn't get to comfort him right after it as much as I would have liked, 'cause I had to get him back in his seat before I could leave (I was on my own; Bryce was sleeping since he works 11p - 7a now). He nursed when he got home, which made us both feel better. He's been crankier than usual, but I don't know if that's due to the vaccines or the fact that he hadn't taken much of a nap today. He's sleeping on Dad right now, which always makes him happy.

Tomorrow we start trying to get him to sleep in other places besides Mom or Dad's laps during the day (since we could be forming bad habits by letting him sleep there all the time). I didn't want to start today 'cause I figured he'd had enough stress without letting him cry it out at naptime. That's something I'm really not looking forward to, but I guess it's a necessary evil. I'm sure it'll be worse for me than him. :)

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