Monday, 8 November 2010

Midshift sucks; baby's voice does not

Bryce is on midshift for at least the next 2 weeks, which means he works 11p - 7a. UGH. It's hard on him to be up all night and try to sleep during the day. Today he slept from 8a - 2p. Only 6 hours, but not bad for the first time. Colt actually slept better than I did on our first night alone. I kept having weird dreams and waking up all freaked out, while he slept like a log until about 3a. I like to think I'm a strong woman, and I am, but I really don't like being alone at night. :)

Colt will be 8 weeks 6 days he'll be a full 2 months. He's still sleeping like a champ (which I'm so thankful for). He's been pretty fussy during the day lately, but today was a good day. I'm slowly starting to see a routine emerge. He likes to eat, play a little bit and then fall asleep (well, he doesn't like falling asleep but it happens). Repeat. :)

He's starting to find his voice, which is so darling. His little gurgles and coos just melt my heart, especially when they're paired with his big, enthusiastic smile. We have several conversations throughout the day, usually shortly before he goes to sleep. I'm so excited that this will continue and increase as the days go by!

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