Saturday, 4 December 2010

Lazy days...

...are a thing of my past...LOL. :)

No Mom, I will not nap
It's hard to believe I used to spend hours doing mindless things like playing The Sims 3, watching Family Guy marathons or reading a good book. What's weird is I don't even really miss doing those things (well, maybe the good book part!). Sure, I feel like I'm working harder than I ever did at any money-paying job, but it's a thousand times more rewarding. And, I really appreciate those snippets of time when Little Guy is napping (especially when it comes after 30 minutes of fussing!).

Colt and Nolan enjoying tummy time
I've started watching our friends' baby for them. Not sure if it's permanent - their regular sitter was a flake, so they canned her and I've stepped in to help for now. Their boy Nolan is about 3 weeks older than Colt. He's a really good baby and will actually sleep unswaddled on his back unlike SOME babies I know. :) Watching Nolan gives me a glimpse into what life with twins might have been like. While I enjoy watching him, I'm glad I only have one on a permanent basis!

Is this my present? Sweet!
We've started opening Christmas presents! Every year, my mom does advent stockings for us. Starting on Dec. 1, we get to open 1 present a day until Christmas. It's pretty sweet, especially since Colt is too little to open his own presents. It's like we get an extra present to open! He's opened some fun toys so far, though he's been more interested in the wrapping paper. :)

Heading to base in a bit to pick up some prescriptions, a few necessities and pizza for dinner. Then it's back home to watch Oregon take on Oregon State...if Oregon wins, they go for the national championship. Go Ducks!!

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