Wednesday, 22 December 2010

First visit with Santa (and don't forget to vote for Colt!)

We took Colt to visit Santa (or Father Christmas, as he's known over here!) last weekend. He's too young to really care either way, so this was mostly for Mommy. :)

In the UK, Santas aren't allowed to actually hold the kids. There was a little bench in front of him that kids could sit on, but that didn't really work for our little guy...hence the reason Mom is in the shot! Colt is also wearing the adorable bear suit Gram got him from Old Navy. It was super cold in Bury that day, but his little bear suit kept him nice and toasty.

I recently heard this song by Taylor Swift - Never Grow Up - can relate to it as a mom and as a daughter. :)

In closing...don't forget to vote for Colt!!!

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