Thursday, 9 December 2010

It's the little things!

Awhile ago I posted about getting serious about working out and losing this bit of baby weight that has taken up residence on my middle. The exercising is going a little slower than I had hoped, but that's the way it goes with an infant and a husband with an erratic work schedule. :) Therefore, I'm trying really hard to pay attention to the other side of weight management: nutrition.

I eat pretty healthy - whole grains instead of white, low fat dairy products, try to limit products high fructose corn syrup and trans fats, try to eat whole foods over processed foods, etc. However, I've never really paid attention to how much I eat, since I figured I worked out enough to offset any extra calories I ate. And I was correct, since my weight was pretty stable for years prior to getting pregnant. However, now that I'm trying to lose weight it's not so easy.

Counting calories is boring (and not how I want to be spending my few bits of free time), so I'm focusing more on making and celebrating small changes in my diet. For example, I tried a new healthy snack the other day: Cherry tomatoes with cream cheese and oregano on top. Delish, and better for me than if I'd scarfed a handful of Fritos. If I keep making tiny changes like that, in no time I'll have an even healthier diet - and one that will help the weight melt off.

Now, onto little things that are much cuter than diet talk...

Colt (the duck) and his BFF Nolan (the monkey)

I just love his little pants with animals on the rear

An apparently deliciuos Gloworm from Grammy

Most adorable reindeer ever

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