Thursday, 21 October 2010

Naps...I love them, my child hates them :)

Barely 5 1/2 weeks old and my baby already hates naps. Actually, he just hates sleep in general. He will fight falling asleep until he pretty much passes out. We swaddle him at night and it helps, even though he fights that too (probably knows it will put him to sleep). Unfortunately, he's getting too strong for his swaddle and can easily wriggle his little arms out, so today is the first day I'm trying to help him learn to sleep without it. I'm starting with his daytime naps, figuring that if he learns to sleep in his crib without a swaddle during the day, it won't be such a fight when/if I try it at night. So far, that means he takes a 3 minute power nap, flails himself awake and then I have to help him calm down so he'll fall back asleep.

This might just be karma...apparently I hated sleep as a baby, too. My parents always tell me how I wanted to be awake all the time, afraid I'd miss something. Well, I guess that's hereditary 'cause that's exactly how Colt is. My baby boy is just too curious about the world for naps! :)

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